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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Smara // History of the town

The town of SMARA was established on the ZEMMOUR plateau in 1887 by Cheikh Ma-el-ainine following the order of Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz. It is situated 220km to the east of Laayoune at some cable’s length from the left bank of the river of Sagui El Hamra.


In 1913,Smara was destroyed by the detachment of the French captain Francois Moret following his defeat in the battle of LAGLEIB.


The town was occupied by Spanish forces in 1934, the year of Melga Lahkam( see the section: history of Smara>colonization in ).


During the period of the Spanish colonization, Smara remained a base of military barracks, without any transformation.


It is only from 1976, and its return to the homeland that the town of Smara has known deep transformations in the economic, social, and cultural fields.


Today Smara is a modern town in the middle of the desert connected by all means of communication, and possesses general services.


This site offers you the possibility to notice and discover the level of development that Smara enjoys


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